Big Friendly and I have just come back from the most talked about non-event in the history of Cape Town. I am still laughing. Off we went to be with hundreds of other city and Woodstock folk to get a good view of the cooling towers before they came down. We found a parking above the Woodstock quarry and were looking for a good vantage point when we heard the crowd do a muted in gasp. They made more noise when the lights went down before Mamma Mia! started. I was looking at the towers when it happened, but Big Friendly was still trying to find a good spot. Pffft and a puff of smoke. Well before 12 o’ clock. That was it. What an anti-climax. In University Estate people were still gathering and handing out drinks when we got into the car and braved Upper Woodstock traffic to get home. Pffft. Big Friendly didn’t even have his lens cap off. My mother called while we were coming home. Apparently all the cameras set up missed it too, and it wasn’t even on TV.