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Improv Love Story

I am deeply in love with improv at the moment. I am loving shooting my little improvised monologues, and I am re-thrilled at being part of the amazing TheatreSports company, and playing most Monday and Tuesday nights. The last two nights have been particularly special, with two farewell performances for Brett, one of our TheatreSports stalwarts. Brett and TBV (his wife) are off to live and work and minister in Philadelphia for some time. So, the last two shows have been his last two for a while and it just so happens that they have been total winners; brilliantly energetic, creative, generous, hilarious, warm and infectious.

You should come and check us out one of these days; Mondays at The Intimate and Tuesdays at The Kalk Bay Theatre. Call Ryan on 0729393351 to book.


Enter Margeaux!


Crazy Grahamstown Festival Idea

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  1. yay. and sniff [sound of sadness of leaving] – so glad you returned while i was still around megs and been great seeing renewed energy and passion that a sabbattical gives one – so amped to get connected that side cos 19 months sans improv might be a little too much and if i can’t find it i will have to make it happen… i will always remember the “yes, lets” or as you like to put it “no no no no no no no no no no no no” – thankx for being part of two amazing shows and hope your reviewing idea happens for Gtown cos that sounds great…
    love and interruptions
    b fish and No_bob

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