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I thought I would reflect on last week’s 3 improv shows that I performed at the Alexander Bar, all by myself, but with Candice D’Arcy in the wings and full houses of fabulous audience. It was called I Could Go On, because I could, and did, and it was a loose enough title for absolutely anything to happen. Which did.

I had been wanting to try out solo improv for a while and I booked the slot ages ago, with no real idea of what I would end up doing and the closer it got the more I wanted to keep it really open, from both a content and format point of view. Of course I also got more and more nervous the less I knew what I was doing.

And in the end it was fantastic. It was three completely different nights of improv with the appearance of the strangest characters, wonderful ideas, bizarre stories and lots and lots of proper laughing and enjoyment. Oh, and awesome feedback from friends, colleagues and complete strangers.

There were also some added benefits. I think that a few people came to see what I would be doing after the success of Drive With me. I know that many people came to show their support of me and my work by being audience instead of ‘aligning’ with me in other ways (and this is the way I appreciate the most). Friends and improv colleagues came and gave and took the love. And we all had such a good time.

I am entering into an incredibly busy phase now, with two huge industrial theatre jobs and a new directing project in the very near future, but I am also seriously on the look out for a small window of opportunity to do more solo and duo and even trio improv. Yee inspiring ha!


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  1. shotgun duo.

    and SO GLAD we got to come and be part of that audience for the last show – especially after our plane flight home – just totally whisked all that badness and craziness away – so much of great and full speed ahead.

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