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Industrial Theatre Auditions

I want to try something brave. I know a few actors read this blog, and there are quite a few of my friends on facebum who are actors and are friends with actors. So, here’s what I want to do. I am casting a role for a fantastic industrial theatre project that starts rehearsing on 19 September and carries on through to mid November. It’s an amazing cast so far.

I am looking for a male, in his thirties (or even forties; quite broad) who can play a warm, friendly, accessible type boss. He is a bit conservative, but very passionate about his business. A bonus would be that the actor can sing really well. Are you him? Do you know of a friend or colleague who is? Colour is not an issue. Pink, or light brown or dark brown.

Please send me an email to if you are him, or you know him. If I don’t know you, send me a CV. Or inbox me on facebum. If I think you are suitable, we will set up a meeting.


Up close but Living Remote


Blown away by Amber


  1. Lucasta Baloyi

    Are you looking for this male only in Cape Town?

  2. Adrian Galley

    Megan – see Lucasta’s query. When it comes to Industrial Theatre I can vouch for his absolute brilliance!

  3. megan

    Dear Adrian and Lucasta, I needed someone in August 2011!

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