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You have got to love the interweb! I have been in a bit of a funk for a few days. I confess, the Eishkom crisis, the rapid rise in crime, the resurgence of “leave speak” even among my family, and the political double speak triple lie nature of SA government biz has left me feeling down and blue. So, I really needed some cheering up, which happened in the funniest and most unexpected way. This is what is making me lag big time.

Big Friendly is furious. He is wanting to search for the guys who are going after the Scientologist guys in the US and A and send them to Steve Hofmeyr! Apparently, Steve himself read my opinion about his affair and took offence and wrote about it on his blog! He decided I was dumb because I couldn’t tell the difference between morality and him fighting for his cultural heritage (a bit Zumaesque in protest, if you ask me).  Then, lower down he says I couldn’t understand that he had fallen in love! Blah blah blah excuse for kak (immoral) behaviour blah blah. I am delighted that I deserve a mention. You moeggoe Steve! If you fall in love, the idea is not to HURT those you love. It’s not only about YOU. Own up you big baby. Anyway, Big Friendly has a client who is a huge Steve fan and when Big saw her yesterday she had read my post and is equally pissed with him for his uiters kak behaviour. You can call me names boet, and say what you like, you are the guy that did bad.


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  1. Tante B

    What’s the connection between Steve and Scientologists? Scientologists???? Tomkat, and Ron H. and his gang are not among my favorite people.

    Glad to see you back and feisty.

  2. megan

    No connection, just both in the news. Not our favourites neither. Back and feisty!

  3. The Saint

    Dis hoe dit is

  4. Tante B

    Since yesterday , I seem to have lost them (my marbles) I don’t understand half of what you have written . What is “leave speak” “political double speak triple lie nature” “Moeggoe” or “uiters kak behaviour” ? Or am I too young to know?

    What does BF want the anti-scientologists(?) to do with Steve who seems to have built up an admiring cult. How many parernity suits are pending?- when he’s broke he may sing a different tune.

  5. megan

    leave speak=talking about leaving SA
    political double speak triple lie=politicians telling lies, covering up with more lies and actually meaning something else
    moeggoe=bladdy idiot
    uiters kak=very kak

  6. “The difference between morality and Steve’s culutral rights” what rubbish! It is more than slightly Zumaesque. I seriousely doubt that SH’s morality is defended by his culture. The guy is an ethical bird flu.

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