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I have been quite invested and proud of all the lovely things growing in our little back courtyard after inheriting some beautiful pots and plants from my friend Trev. It’s been either hot or windy or both and I’ve been watering every day, with a beady eye on the little roses, huge marigolds, brilliant basil and tons of other stuff. I have also been trying to rescue a lemon tree in a big pot. For years the thing has been getting chowed by caterpillars. This year I had to completely cut the tree down, and a whole bunch of those little sprouty leaves started growing quite close to the base. I started feeling hope.

Then, fifteen minutes ago I went to water and I found about ten of these guys! And other smaller prickly ones too, but these guys are huge! And, I just want to know; where did they come from? How did they get there, these ready made monsters, so big that one or two of them have even stopped eating and are about to pupate!


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  1. Soak some chopped up chillies, garlic and onions in a half-litre or so of water. The next day, strain out the bits and use the water to mix up up some soapy water with Sunlight dishwashing liquid. Put it in a garden spraying thingy and spray the leaves. Not yummy for bugs.

  2. Jenny Gonatas

    Come from? Why, the eggs are in the soil, the cracks & dents in the wall and of course air-borne. Chilli etc very good, but do it at least once a week to break life-cycle of goggos. Also wipe the bark with very weak solution with meth jeyes fluid & plenty water. Luck & love

  3. megan

    I need you Jenny. Come to my house and save my plants! The artichoke is a bit like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors; giant, inedible and taking over. Love it.

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