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Jozi and fandamily

We are up in Jozi for the weekend. My boet turns 40 today. He is an old man, and I am even older. I remember, my father was 40 when we drove down to Cape Town from Jozi for me to start ‘varsity. We smoked cigarrettes illegaly, he had already given up, and took a meandering trip in one of his huge cars, got a speeding fine outside Bloem, went past his childhood house in Tulbagh, and arrived in Rosebank Cape Town, to res! We took my duvet, clothes, record player and records out of the boot and dumped them into my pizza slice shaped res room. The rest is history.

It’s good to be here in celebration of my brother and the passing of time. We are lucky. we really, really like each other. And so, even here, I would like to wish him a truly happy birthday. 


warning: nothing, absolutely nothing


Jozi II

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