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Jozi eish

So we moved into The Old Mutual Theatre on the Square on Monday, and these Jozi theatre people have got style hey? We were welcomed with open arms and had the most warm and loving team to help us put the show in. We have our first audience tonight; a gentle preview audience, before our celeb and press opening tomorrow night. Nicole is doing a fantastic job and I am really excited to see how the show sits for a Jozi audience.

I miss Slaap Stad. My Big Friendly, the small furries, my house, TheatreSports. I am loving Jozi summer here, and not missing the cold and wet.




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  1. Alfred Rietmann

    We did The Boy Who Fell From The Roof last year and it was the same. Daphne and her team welcomed us with flowers banners posters and love. We had a stunning time and other Theatre Managemnets should go and see how Artists, Creative and Performing should be treated.

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