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Jozi part 3

I was on my way to the hospital and then the airport yesterday and then my gran died. So, instead, Big Friendly took my ticket, changed direction, and came up for the funeral yesterday arvie. It’s all done. The Jewish network is huge.

I wanted to get home ASAP but Friday flights to CT are totally prohibitively expensive so we get back tomorrow. I can see my show again and be home for the rugby.

My granny Janey would have enjoyed the ‘hooha’ for sure.


moving on


Home sweet HOME


  1. The Saint

    A log time ago when my father died, a friend of mine who was Jewish came up to me after the funeral and wished me “a long life” which I found very comforting and very appropriate. So we are thinking of you and “a long life”.

  2. Zane Henry

    You and your family are in my prayers.

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