I have been up in Jozi this week, working, and it has been exciting and fun. It helps that I have a hired car to travel the distances, since I have been staying at Boet and gorgeous sister-in-law and traveling to Pretoria every day for work. It feels like lots of the day is spent behind the wheel.

I am lucky that Boet loves Jozi the way he does. On freezing, sleety Monday night he took me to his fave spot in Fordsburg for a curry. he knows where to get the best coffee at 7am in the morning. He buys the best Napoletana sauce from an old Italian man.  Yesterday, after work we met at The Radium for a beer before I went to see Conrad Koch’s new show, My Pro Doll and Neuro Friends at Sandton’s Old Mutual Theatre on The Square. I love the Jozi he is immersed in.

My Garmap has been a life saver, even though I can’t seem to be smooth and easy with it. I battle between off and on, old directions and new, and general cellphone stupidity. I dropped the actual unit last night and I had to wait for voice directions from under the seat.

Jozi is always also a combination of work, friends and family. This is seriously intense. And tomorrow Big Friendly comes up for the weekend. Yay, a lot. I have missed him terribly.