We’re off to Jozi today for the weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday. On Wednesday night I’m off to see Claire Watling and Godfrey Johnson in Kissed By Brel at the Intimate Theatre. I can’t wait. I love Brel, think Claire Watling is the most talented somebody by far, and I adore Godfrey. He is a colleague and a friend.

I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground with regard to the cricket. Big Friendly has just told me that we’ll only hear today whether Hershel is playing or not. And it’s no secret that with the openers’ scores having been in the high single digits for the last million tests, we need Hershel. All of this reminds me…When Big Friendly and I were not married yet we went up to Jozi for fandamily stuff. We had borrowed my boet’s car and were listening to the cricket on the radio. I was so happy. Big Friendly on my left, cricket commentary in my ear. In a wave of emotion I grabbed Big Friendly’s knee and said, “Gibbs!” I still have no idea why. Although I have had great success in turning Big Friendly into a cricket mad statistician he has never grabbed me on any part of my body and shouted, “Boucher!”