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Julius and Caster disaster

My friend Tam quotes the genius Julius Mal Enema in her facebook status this morning. He was defending our brand new South African sports hero Caster Semenya. Apparently he said, “It is a racist issue. There are plenty of ugly white women but they don’t get gender tested.”

Way to go Mal Enema. That’s sure to comfort the poor, ugly, black girl.

I have to admit, while finding her really beautiful, I was shocked to hear Caster’s enormous and very manly voice on TV. Not that this means anything about anything. I am worried though that the SA bunch protest too much, and no amount of calling the issue a European racist one is going to settle the debate. Not that I have the answers, nor do I care. But I do think that the SA sports bunch need to be careful about how they ‘protect’ her in what seems to be a more damaging way.


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  1. Alfred Rietmann

    Funny. No one ever questioned the genders of Margaret Thatcher or Princess Ann. And what about B Arthur’s gruff voice?

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