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Jutro means tomorrow in Polish. A bit like the Cape Town attitude when it comes to getting around to going to the theatre. Tonight’s 1800 show was full though. Word has got around, even if it is the penultimate night of performance.

I know writing about this piece now is a bit like a M&G review, great but too late, but I did finally get there and it was a really beautiful show.

Jutro is the creation of Keren Tahor and James Cuningham who perform the piece and they are directed by Helen Iskander. The story is an incredibly simple love story between a Jewish cabaret singer and a gentile barman trapped in a bombed out theatre in Nazi occupied Poland.

The set is quaint and very period, the dust is a little too real, the lighting evocative, the music Eastern European heart string pulling and the script simple. It is the acting that makes this show brilliant. This is the best work I have seen Keren do. Her character is beautiful and magical and poignant. We really get to care about her in the short hour we spend with her. James however, steals the show. His portrayal of Januz, the bartender is magnificent. I could not take my eyes off him. His movement, timing, voice, emotion, commitment and presence was riveting. And the two of them certainly made magic together. If you read this today, go see Jutro tomorrow.


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  1. Beilla

    Glad you reviewed Jutro and recommend it. The subject is somewhat nostalgic and I am surprised, though glad ,someone has remembered. Tough times, tough issues whether of yesteryears or in the here and now, should be addressed and faced and resolved. .”Attention must be paid” Tante B.
    “Attention should be paid “

  2. Herman Lategan

    What a pity that so few people knew about this show. I am upset that I have missed it as well. It came and gone and hardly anybody knew about it. Tut, tut, tut…

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