After lying in and reading this morning, Big Friendly developed an obsessive craving for donuts. He’s reading a book called The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, in which some kind of Jewish donuts are spoken about. So, Big Friendly’s mouth started watering before we even climbed out of bed.

Now, it just so happens that, at the top of our tiny street is an even teenier corner shop, and the delightful little Muslim woman who runs it makes the best coconut sprinkled donuts on a Sunday morning. So, before we even walked the dogs Big Friendly charged up the hill twice, but the shop was closed.

Wile we walked the dogs his tummy was rumbling and he was salivating. As we drove past the shop on the way home, Big Friendly wailed. It was still closed. Now, Big Friendly is a shy somebody. He is retiring and polite. He is gentle and doesn’t hardly ever raise his voice. But this morning Donut Demon Big appeared. He stormed inside to fetch a tupperware, barged across the road to their house (next to the shop), banged on the door and demanded donuts. He left the tupperware there, so they could be delivered ASAP.

And they were. Piping hot sweet syrupy coconutty most delicious donuts. Yum, I must say. And Big Friendly is back.