TheatreSports last night was a goodie. We had a smallish house but everyone was really responsive. I emceed and had a jaul. Ryan and E did an awesome realistic scene, which just shows how not everything needs to be funny. It makes a wonderful contrast seeing real and detailed emotional work. That’s why I love improv. Anything can happen. The trick is to be present so that your responses are to the situation. Improv 101 class is over. Anyway, the fun is in the doing.

We are gearing up to open at the Intimate Theatre on Monday 5 March. We’ll be performing there every Monday, from then. This won’t change our Tuesdays at Kalk Bay Theatre. We want to carry on doing those forever.

And for those of you wondering why I’m writing this at 6.25 am: Big Friendly is still in Nairobi. Sob. Wait, that looks weird. I mean tears, not the abbreviaton.

Also, the update on the Fleur du Cap story is; I have been invited to the awards ceremony. Yay. I have had good communication with Irma, who agrees that TheatreSports has been overlooked, and I agree with her that we are a difficult one to categorise. It’s been excellent having feedback though. All FdC judges have been invited to 5 March at the Intimate. I haven’t heard whether any of them are coming; nobody has RSVPed. Perhaps an incentive like celebrity judges will tickle them? So far, Josh Hawkes from Freshly Ground is definitely coming. John Malkovitch is in town and we’re working on trying to get him, and also William H Macy. If anyone has contacts for them or successful ambush techniques, let me know.