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Last stretch

I am covered in mozzie bites from long nights outdoors. Last night I saw everyone in costume, make-up and haircuts and the cast looks totally brilliant. It’s an unfortunate but necessary evil that most of last night’s rehearsal time was eaten up on technical rehearsals; our stage manager literally only got the music yesterday and it had to be plotted into the play. There is lots of nervous energy and actors are still getting lost in the dark (literally, the paths through the bushes onto the stage are treacherous) and I am amazed by the various wildlife. Last night a hysterical (and very loud) Guinea Fowl struggled to get itself to sleep and shrieked about it for 20 minutes. Actors come to me with wide-eyed tales of the hugeness of the spiders, and bats fly overhead in the deep dusk.

Tomorrow night is a dress rehearsal and then on Tuesday it’s FDR (final dress rehearsal) in front of a first audience. Wednesday to Friday are previews and The Merchant of Venice, 2008’s Maynardville Shakespeare opens on Saturday 12 January. I can’t wait to see what people think.

And maybe, after Saturday night’s party I can get my act together and have a bit of a life! I am dying to see Graham Clarke in The Devil and Billy Markham now on at The Kalk Bay Theatre.


Getting closer



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  1. Tante B

    Sounds Wonderful and magical . I believe roast guinea fowl is a gourmet dish – (Ugh) – just a suggestion. Please keep us posted. Can’t wait for it to open – can’t you just give a hint about the ….. setting of the play?.

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