I am sounding like a stuck record, but MTN take the cake as the worst service provider I have ever had the misfortune of getting involved with.

This is a summary of the latest meganshead – MTN saga, kept short for fear of all the nodding in sympathetic agreement going on too long. On Monday I noticed that I couldn’t make outgoing calls. I called the infamous call centre. The first person I spoke to told me that my account had been suspended (without warning I must add) because of  no payment. I was sure I had paid, but in order to reconnect I had to pay and email proof of payment. I did. Nothing happened. In the meantime I found my original payment, made on the 31 December, way too early for MTN to have noticed, obviously. So, then I had to call again. The second person I spoke to said I needed to send that proof of payment, and btw, it could take up to 24 hours for reconnection.

Miraculously, my service was reconnected. Yesterday morning I phoned to find out where my double payment was and when I would get it back. Yes, the third person could see I had lodged the complaint. It had been logged at 2110, four and a half hours after I had made it. To the question of where my money was and when could I get it back, no, it was with accounts, and they don’t take calls. Here is where I went a bit insane and demanded to speak to someone who wasn’t a call centre person. To be honest I could not bear to hear how my complaint was going to be escalated. I have heard this too many times before, and there is nothing at all at the top of MTN’s escalator. I was promised that the supervisor would call me back. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! (translated: mad manic hysterical non believing laughter). When I phoned again at 1600 I managed to work myself into a rage too big for the fourth person I spoke to and she put me through to a ‘manager’. I have no idea what that means. He told me, “What I needed to understand was that my complaint had been logged” and he was sending it to accounts. It hadn’t even been sent to accounts at 1600 yesterday! I issued a list of demands which included a written apology, an email, with MTN’s proof of payment of the money they had stolen from me into my account, an acknowledgement of their complete incompetence and the inconvenience it had caused and a call from the ‘manager’s boss. I promised that if this didn’t happen I would begin my massive anti MTN publicity campaign. From my stuff on facebook, twitter, hellopeter, MTNsucks, and avoidmtn, and now here, on meganshead, it is safe to assume that none of my demands were met.

Today, I called the dreaded 808 number again. This time I wanted to find out how to cancel my contract. I have 6 months to go and if I cancel early I will have to pay them thousands of ZAR not to mention another R1700 for the phone that died and they couldn’t fix.

This is a very, very sordid breakdown in relations. I find it obscene that a company can treat its customers like this. MTN fails on every single level. Pansi MTN pansi!