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Lekker Rob van Vuuren

My first visit this year to my favourite Kalk Bay Theatre was last night to see Rob van Vuuren. He is working on a new show, and new material to put in a new show, and he is trying it out on and for an audience there on Sunday nights in Feb.

There is no stuff; no set, lights, costume, no ‘show’ really, as Rob came on, dragging a chair from upstairs (which he didn’t even use). Wait, maybe that was intended to create that ‘no show’ feeling on purpose? Hmmm. Anyway, Rob introduces himself (and last night he introduced his whole family, who were there, including Bijou, the smallest show stealer and daughter and proud making dad machine), and then he tries out some stuff. And he is pretty hilarious. Very hilarious actually.

I am not going to crit the show; mainly because of how Rob feels about critics, and I just can’t get the image of the virtually retarded newspaper critic, rolling eyes, licking lips and drawing lines on a very small piece of imaginary paper, out of my mind. But I am going to say some stuff about it and hope that he isn’t going to rip me off too badly when I’m not there! (Zane, you don’t know what you missed; it was a challenge bru!)

Rob is a million different kinds of performer on stage; moving in and out of styles, voices and faces, from moment to moment. Natural guy having a chat, mad manic Jim Carey face, actor, stand-up, joker, physical performer, audience slayer, improviser. He is brash, gentle, loving, over the top, full of swearing, mad, shouty, rude, personal, intense, and most importantly kak funny.

Not all his material works or is developed, but that’s the whole point of the exercise. To see what does and doesn’t. And that’s part of the fun; being the guinea pigs. The problem is going to be who to listen to about what to keep and what to throw out. Big Friendly and I couldn’t agree on stuff all the way home last night. But hey, this is my blog, so I get to say what I like. Big Friendly loved the sperm stuff. Not so much me. I loved the dog stuff, a lot. I loved the actor stuff; particularly the german ad director. I loved the last pathetic joke about the huge gollum toenail on the airplane. And I loved Mal and his whole family, but I don’t know if Rob will ever get them back.

If you find yourself wanting to end the weekend with a big smile on your face (and/or his face), go check Rob out this month every Sunday. Call the Kalk Bay Theatre booking line 0732205430 to book.

PS. He looks nothing like that funny pic when he does this thing!


Day 5 MTN fail


Phew Phew, smash, crash, yeeha, Nic and Ninjas!


  1. ugli bob

    Sounds rad – but now, interesting, have you changed your mind about seeing stuff before its ready IE material being tested? I remember having a fascinating debate with you about this a few years ago in Grahamstown, and you were fairly adament you wanted shows ready before you paid for a ticket.

  2. megan

    Ha, Ugli Bob, I love a comment from you, especially a challenging one. Keeping me on my toes. Now before you go and think, “That hypocrite! Liking a show that wasn’t ready, after everything she said!”, let me give you a few reasons why I think this is different.
    Firstly, it’s in the set up. Rob (and KBT) have explained at the outset what the evening is all about; it’s an informal chance for Rob to try out new material on an audience. It’s not being sold as a ready made play, or theatrical experience, and then off you go to find out that it’s just him, talking kak. That would have pissed me off for sure.
    Then, it’s stand-up in format, and I think the rules for stand-up are different. Not better, or worse, just totally different. There are huge opportunities for working off and with the audience, huge areas of total improvisation, a completely different set of expectations.
    To be completely honest, stand-up is not my favourite live performance genre, particularly because it is not theatrical; that’s the part I really love, which is why I love Theatresports so much. It’s improvising in a very theatrical context.
    But back to why this ‘not ready’ ‘non-show’ gets to be judged differently; it’s because it’s completely different.

  3. megan

    and Ugli, PS, because I’m in a spelling nazi space today, it’s adamant. One of my favourite words.

  4. ugli bob

    Ah crap! I *thought* it looked wrong…serves me right for not spell-checking…

    Yeah, makes perfect sense – I guess stand-up can never really be “finished” anyway, due to so much happening off the cuff, and depending on the audience of the evening and all, so cool.

    Heh! And I never thought “you hypocrite!”, nor took it all personally; it just seemed a good opportunity to continue what is a very interesting debate and see where you stood at present. Long live live performance!

  5. megan

    Haha. Good.

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