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Let’s Pitch The Tent

It was a fantastic, intense weekend of TheatreSports learning and training. What a lovely, intense, amazing group of people turned up for this course. We laughed and screamed and had the best time. So the course is done, and today is the day of starting The Tent.

Obviously, I couldn’t sleep. I have five thousand ideas flying through my brain, and I’m fantasising about every part of this rehearsal process. I know that after today’s first day I will have calmed down; once I’ve heard everyone speaking their lines, but last night was a joke of an effort in the sleep department.

It’s ridiculous how nervous I am. And excited. We start at ten this morning.


Pre The Tent twitches


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  1. The Saint

    Just go for it !!!

  2. Trevor du Buisson

    I hope the process is beautiful; hope there’s lots of laughter and smiles.

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