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Life after Noah

So Noah of Cape Town opened on Saturday night and so did the heavens, bucketing down and causing flash flooding and chaos in our city. A big, if dangerous, release I think.

I also need to release. Noah has been all consuming for me this year, and while I am totally proud, awestruck, dedicated and still determined that it have a long life, I need to get stuck in to a few other things that need my attention.

The first of these is TheatreSports, one of my first and oldest loves, which has been ticking over nicely in the background and now needs to fly. I want to find a long term sponsor for TheatreSports. TheatreSports needs to be played and learned at every school and every schools festival. We need full houses at our weekly performances and more shows during the school holidays. We need money for a proper marketing campaign if we do next year’s long and ambitious Grahamstown festival. We need to put our plans of hosting a TheatreSports world cup into action.

Then there is The Tent, the play I wrote which showcased at Artscape’s New Writing Programme last year, and has been given a full run this year. I am really blessed that this new work of mine is being supported by this programme and allowed to grow and develop. We go into rehearsals in October and have a two week run in November. I am so excited to get my teeth into that one again.

Up next though is another of my industrial theatre projects. For the last five years I have been working with a client, creating half hour plays that perform as part of a National road show, and this year there are two different plays. We did the first one quite recently in May and June and the next one starts rehearsing at the end of August. Although it’s challenging to come up with new and fresh ideas on a similar theme and concept, I love the characters that we have created and I love the team of actors that have become their own little family.

So there is lots to look forward to and I need to get very busy.

But before that I must remind you to go and check out Noah of Cape Town. Now. You might want to see it more than once.


Tonight’s the night


The Birthday Party


  1. The Saint

    One thing you forgot. Planning the Noah National Tour and its funding.

  2. megan


  3. Ugli Bob

    Yeah! Go Noah! Go Tent! Go theatreSports! And really glad you haven’t given up on Festival…have you been hearing about all the “boycotts” etc?

  4. megan

    No. Fill me in!

  5. The Saint

    Me too please

  6. Ugli Bob

    well, there are 2 current “boycotts” being threatened…both of which go for the preposterous, though both contain within themselves nuggets of truth. but to warrant a boycott? I dunno…

    1. A host of directors, incl Darlington Michaels, Bongani Linda, Martin Koboekae, Duma Mnembe, Thapelo Motlou, Mike Lubisi and Julian Seleke-Mokoto are threatening to boycott after Makana Municiplaity “removed” posters and therefor took income away from them. Now it’s true they did remove stuff – I was lucky in seeing them remove our Pictures banner (apparently not allowed on traffic lights – fair enough) and had to chase em down to retrieve said banner, but c’mon – some posters being pulled = severe loss of income? Methinks not. Check out and

    2. Then there is a guy called James Norton, though apparently this is not his/her real name, who is calling for an end to rampant change and to return to the fest of yore with street performers, outdoor events, and to do away with NAF board, particularly CEO Tony Lankester…’cos apparently they’re *really* evil. Oooh. You ever seen “Hot Fuzz”? It rang a small ironic and sad bell. Facebook group is here –

    Thought you’d enjoy the latter. (ooh…cheeky grin cheeky grin…)

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