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Love Me Tinder – Violet Online Rebooted

LovemetinderI was shocked to see how long it has been since I wrote a blog post. Clearly, I have been busy with other things; other writing, rehearsing, doing. I miss the kind of stuff I let loose on meganshead, especially the kind of random stuff that just pops into my head and out into the blogosphere. This post is not that. It is a very specific, share the joy, self promotion (and promotion of others) type of post. It is about the incredibly short run of the latest instalment of Violet Online, opening tomorrow night at The Alexander Bar.

When the loveliest Lynita Crofford asked me to direct the first Violet Online and I said yes, we were both a little nervous about how it would be received. Lynita had been reading (and chuckling and clucking and guffawing at) these anonymous blog posts written by a recently divorced, looking for a new way of being in the world, over forty everywoman, and Lynita (rightly so) thought it would make great one-woman-show material. It did. Violet Online managed to do something a lot of other theatre doesn’t; appeal completely and with delicious abandon to a not very obvious theatre audience. What a treat. Women, and their girlfriends, and their lovers, and their dates, and their husbands (first, second and third) flocked to Violet Online in Cape Town (thrice), Grahamstown and Jozi. People could relate. Mothers and daughters nodded knowingly at Brazilian waxes, bad brush offs, flaming hot sex, online Scrabble sex, and dresses, dickheads and dodgy dates. People wanted more of Violet. She was hilarious in that completely relatable way.

And the real Violet came out. The proud writer now has the most outrageous and delicious blog of her own. It is irresistible. You will become addicted. Check it out, here.

So, since the last time Violet appeared on stage, airing her slightly damp french underwear in public, she has grown in confidence, and experience. She has a whole lot more to talk about, and there are fewer holds barred. Botox, bargains, boobs, balls, boys, bakers, brisk walks; you name it.

I love this Violet, and I know you will too. Lots of people are anticipating loving her, and have booked their tickets for this very short run, in the tiny theatre. So get in there. Book here online now. And join us as we laugh and delight in Violet’s continued search for love, and sex, and love AND sex.


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  1. Hey there,

    Just to let you know that we’ve reviewed the show. We saw it at the Alexander Upstairs, last night.

    Here is the review:

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