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Lucky Fish

Last night I was driving home from a sold-out TheatreSports show at the Kalk Bay Theatre and I was talking to Candice, one of our fab players, who emceed last night’s show.  Obviously we were full of that adrenaline that comes from having just performed in front of a big audience, and there is nothing commoner than two performers blowing their own trumpet a bit (not the trumpet that we used in the show during Long Chain Murder!) It was just so great to be enthusing so about what we do and how well it is received. TheatreSports remains a delight to me, almost 17 years on. Our TheatreSports  group will be celebrating our 15th birthday in November and I played for two years before that, in Jozi. candice

Last night five people celebrated their birthdays by coming to watch TheatreSports. I love that. There are practical reasons why they do; we are so affordable, our shows are totally accessible and we appeal to a really wide age group. But mostly people come for the thing that Ben Zander calls "shining eyes". We get shining eyes in the magic of what we do and the audience gets shining eyes with us.

I’ve always said that I am so lucky to be doing this thing that I love, but Candice improved on that. She said TheatreSports had given her confidence and the ability to handle auditions and doing the course years ago had kind of kick started things for her acting wise. I got excited by this, and took it further. By the time we got to town I had decided TheatreSports was not only a philosophy but also a way of life!


Snoek Braai 2


Dave Ferguson rocks (and rolls and blues)

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  1. James Russell Lowell was an American Romantic poet, critic, satirist, diplomat, and (bless his soul) an abolitionist. Lowell looks a bit like our ownGraham Weir, but with a beard, not so?

    Anyway, James Lowell had this to say about creativity: “Creativity,” He said, “is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.” That’s TheatreSports to a TS, if you ask me.

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