The most exciting cricket yesterday was England whupping Australia. I suppose whupp is a bit of an exaggeration. But every time Australia is beaten it’s a great achievement for the other side.

Our 3rd ODI match in PE was literally a wash out. The best part of watching matches in PE on TV is knowing that we aren’t there. I love the brass band, although the idea of having those guys in the stadium…it would make me NUTS. I just want to know where the super-sopper was. The on-again off-again cover crew in PE were very good (much better than the Sahara Park Newlands guys; who on the New Year’s day test didn’t know their arses from their elbows. In fact, they took so long to figure out how to take the cover off, my brother and I had to leave, we were getting so frustrated.) But where was the super-sopper last night to mop up the field and allow play to start? WHERE WAS THE SUPER SOPPER? I ended up watching rugby with Big Friendly, but it wasn’t the same. The Sharks did good though; apparently their opposition are one of the best; again, according to Big Friendly.