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Magical Stuart Lightbody

8 In the hoolymagooly of my crazy life right now I forgot to write about a really amazing show I saw in a properly odd place at an even odder Sunday afternoon time. My dearest friend, who is also the author of toingtoing,celebrated his birthday with a weekend away in Betty’s Bay and on the Sunday afternoon, after celebration lunch, about ten of us moved the lounge furniture around to watch a very intimate version of Stuart Lightbody’s magic show. He is a sleight of hand artist, who goes to great lengths to explain that what he is doing is tricks, and then he blows your mind when he does them.

I must confess, the thought of watching a magic show is quite boring. I remember stinky old men that my mother and auntie called “retired”, with frayed clothes, a battered old top hat, a pigeon, a rabbit (if you were lucky) and countless coloured scarves tied together. Oh and dusty bunches of feathers in a collapsible bouquet.

Stuart is nothing like that. He is young and totally charming. He gets passionate and committed. And his tricks are totally amazing. He is also a natural in front of an audience. He literally had us in the palm of his very sleighty hand.


a Worker’s day Whine


The swearing in party


  1. Zane Henry

    Stuart performed at my wedding. He’s largely responsible for the success of my marriage so far despite my wife having a crush on him.

  2. megan

    There you go!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, I’m really glad you enjoyed the performance.

    I look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

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