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Make Over!

What do you think of meganshead’s new look? Feedback please. And muchos gracias to the main man Big Friendly for sexiness, stylishness, updatedness etc!


Someone I know is at the KKNK


Simon Says


  1. very very naiise! Go BF!!

  2. Simon Cooper

    Very Sixties and that’s my era.

  3. Beilla Gans

    More Picasso than Picasso! Tante B

  4. megan

    I guess that’s a winner then?

  5. bobby

    love it!

  6. tandi

    B.f is a genious.. it looks amaaazing!

  7. Simon Cooper

    Having now worked with and used the “new” Megan’s Head a bit I have only one, very mild, negative comment – wish we could see at the top of each post whether there have been comments, not at the bottom. Otherwise it is fab.

  8. BigFriendly

    Hi Simon
    I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Will play around with it over the weekend.

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