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Miacup take two

In February last year I moaned here on megan’s head about how I’d read all about menstrual cups but had struggled to get one from Miacup. Well, last month the new boss of Miacup sent me an email after reading my post and she offered to send me one to try out. True to her word a most beautifully packaged and boxed and draw-string bagged burgundy silicon cup arrived for me. Obviously I had to wait until it was appropriate to try the thing out, and I have to say it was absolutely painless, simple and totally easy. It also lives up to the claim that it can’t be felt at all once it is properly in. It’s a winner.

I still have reservations about the price; it is still very far from affordable for the average, blinkered South African who would rather spend almost double that on tampons in just a year, than to fork out the once-off R394.95 (not including shipping costs). And there is no doubt that while the packaging is totally sexy (it looks like a sophisticated perfume box actually), it must absorb quite a bit of the cost.

That aside, it seems like a really excellent product and a good option as far as these must use products are concerned. Check it out.

Update: I am extremely happy with this new Miacup after having used it for a whole menstruation.




A few images from our weekend in Jozi

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  1. cup supporter

    i’m a proud user! and you can get them at the wellness centre 😉

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