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I made a mistake and I really am very sorry. Putting the post  up about the casting of The Tempest was wrong. I have made a lot of people very cross. I have been worrying about it and I don’t feel good. It was a private email that someone sent me and I overstepped the mark.  I have often considered taking the whole thing down but I think that would be cowardly and unfair, so here, for all, is my heartfelt apology. It seems, from what I have heard, that I was also totally wrong and that it is a beautiful and amazing production, as well as being totally sold out. I officially eat humble pie and say sorry to all involved.


Radio 2000


is It Just Me or


  1. Anon i mouse


    I watched THE TEMPEST. TWICE. And both times I was VERY VERY dissapointed. I thought the first time was maybe the result of some bad dinner – but the second time confirmed.
    The direction is 2 dimensional (Down stage Centre, Down stage Centre and wait for it – Down stage Centre!). The action – predictable. The sound and lighting a MASSIVE let down (why was I not allowed to hear the mastery of Neo – because Sir Sher doesn’t like competing with anything/anyone on stage???)
    The set, puppets and some of our bigger Cape Town Names (although they spent far too little time on stage) stole the show.
    Thank God for those elements!

  2. megan

    Thanks for your view Mouse.

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