There’s a lot I love about living in Cape Town. There is a lot that makes me nuts about it too, but the things I love make up for it.

Sub-adult blue wildebeest and calfThere is a howling South Easter out there this morning, so we decided to walk the dogs in the park instead of on the beach; I don’t love whipping, stinging sand blown by ice cold air. Of course, when we got to the park on the other side of the mountain, there wasn’t even a breeze to be had. That’s how it works. we had a great stroll with our two old ladies, who ran, sniffed, rolled, weed, jumped in the stream, chased and said hello to all the other dogs.

DSCF1596But it was the sight of the Wildebeeste on the side of the highway that made my day. The huge, green mountain and her slopes offered up these weird and wonderful creatures this morning. And they were so close I could see their funny, hairy tails. Gotta love this town.