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Moving to Maynardville

Today was our first day at Maynardville. We arrived at 8am and everybody went through their exits and entrances, getting used to the stage, trees and bushes, pathways, and the set, which we saw for the first time today. By 11am it was already too hot to work there and we made our way back to Artscape to do a run through of the whole entire play.

DSC00084 It starts getting serious now. And the play feels huge and the cast enormous. I am constantly amazed at how hard everybody is working, and the effort that is made to mount a Shakespeare outside. I am so close to it now I can’t even tell what I think of the production, but I really love the cast and crew who are mostly wonderful and real ‘theatre’ people. It has been an honour being part of this process.

I am so happy I have the day off tomorrow!


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  1. How about that great Shakespearean comedy played in PE for the last few days? Watching wonerful Steyn and Nel putting in more run-power than our record breaking captain and his zero-run producing partner drained me of expletives. So, Smith played 50 tests for SA, and was once a promising player, now he is just a bore. Same size and charisma as your average 5lt fridge. Gibbs and Smith should retire and open a coffee shop. They know a lots a bout slow brew.

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