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Mummenschanz 3×11 is the shizz

Big Friendly, Big Friends and I went to The Baxter tonight to see Mummenschanz 3×11. The first really good thing was that The Baxter complex was buzzing and full.It was a cold, wet Cape Town winter evening, and yet crowds had come to the theatre! There IS an audience out there!

mummen2 Mummenschanz 3×11 is an absolute delight. The show brings pure magic back into the theatre and pushes the boundaries of visual and physical performance. It is made up of a series of short ‘scenes’ performed by different characters and personalities, none of whom are human. There are stick creatures, line face people, giant blobs, toilet paper heads, slinkies, pet rocks, blow in and out heads, stretch faces, cardboard box creatures and many more. There is no sound or music. Not a word is spoken and yet the personalities and characters and their emotions are crystal clear. The humour transcends all language, cultural or any other division. Laughter rippled and grew. Children laughed, adults giggled and guffawed. I can’t remember when last I felt part of a truly appreciative and delighted audience.

Big Friendly fell in love with tube face and slinky. I loved line heads the best. And we were all struck with awe and honour when the four magnificent performers (you can’t believe there are only four of them) took their bows and we saw them for the first time. The cast are way into their sixties. I am a huge fan of local theatre, but here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this world famous, class act. Don’t miss it. And take the kids; it will blow their minds.


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  1. Mesmerizing MUMMENSCHANZ back on S.A. stages in 2011
    The extraordinary Swiss theatre troupe, Mummenschanz, who played to standing ovations in South Africa in 2008, returns for an extensive national tour from 22 February – 17 April 2011. Theatre patrons in Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg can look forward to another spell of mesmerizing Mummenschanz magic.
    These masters of make-believe and illusion wow audiences and critics wherever they perform. By using everyday objects and materials, such as cardboard boxes, rolls of toilet paper, masking tape, refuse bags, etc., they create ingenious costumes and expressive masks that transform into fascinating and funny creatures. Their groundbreaking and quirky creations guarantee laughter as they slink, slide, bounce, wriggle and wobble about on stage, portraying everyday situations. Mummenschanz’s quirky humour and imaginative visual shows are appealing to audiences of all ages and cultures.
    With a track record of 35 years and performances in 60 countries, Mummenschanz offers perfect family entertainment. Once described by David Copperfield as “truly magical”, Mummenschanz offers a unique theatre experience for everyone.
    Mummenschanz will be performing at the SA State Theatre (Pretoria) from 22 to 27 February, the Baxter Theatre (Cape Town) from 1 to 19 March, the PE Opera House (Port Elizabeth) from 29 March to 3 April, The Playhouse (Durban) from 6 to 10 April and the Joburg Theatre (Johannesburg) from 12 to 17 April. Bookings at Computicket. Ticket prices from R 149 to R 299.
    For more info: or (0)72 133 0267 (o/h)

    “…highly inventive, charming and an absolute pleasure – see it!”
    Christina Kennedy –
    “Simple and absolutely astonishing.”
    Laetitia Pople, Die Burger
    “Mummenschanz is a theatrical phenomenon not to be missed.”
    Brent Meersman, Mail and Guardian
    “I was engrossed. Mummenschanz is a feast…”
    Terri Dunbar-Curran, Cape Times
    “For a theatre experience like no other, do not – I repeat, DO NOT – miss this…”
    Christina Kennedy –

    Performance dates:
    SA State Theatre, Pretoria: 22 – 27 February
    Baxter Theatre, Cape Town: 1 – 19 March
    PE Opera House, Port Elizabeth: 29 March – 3 April
    The Playhouse, Durban: 6 – 10 April
    Joburg Theatre, Johannesburg: 12 – 17 April

    Bookings: Computicket – or +27(0)83 915 8000
    Ticket prices: R149, R189, R219, R249, R 299
    Half-price previews: Tue 22 Feb – SA State Theatre / Tue 1 Mar – Baxter Theatre/
    Tue 29 Mar – PE Opera House / Tue 12 Apr – Joburg Theatre

    Performance days/times Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg:
    Tues – Sat 20h00
    Matinees: Sat 14h30 & Sun 15h00
    Schools performances: 11h00 at participating theatres

    Performance days/times Durban:
    Wed – Sat: 20h00
    Matinees: Sat 14h30 & Sun 15h00
    Schools performances: 11h00 at participating theatres

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