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I have mumps. One of the very few people who get them twice; I already had them as a kid and I remember the photos of my brother and I with chipmunk faces. Ouch. My salivary glands are swollen, distended and very painful. I can’t believe it.

To cheer me up though, TheatreSports got a five star review in the Cape Times today, and you can see it on line here. I am so proud.


just don’t tell me to…


why pigs?


  1. The Saint

    [1] Oh Wow.
    [2] Oh Wowest

  2. Tante B

    Even the Doctor couldn’t have prescribed better medicine for you. What a great review. Now, when you are over the mumps, you’ll “pick yourself up, dust your clothes” and try all over again. Onwards and forwards!!! The best is yet to come.

  3. Read the crit — every word is true. It’s about (expletive deleted out of respect for TanteB) time, too. May your glands be as gorgeousely healthy and upbeat as your theatrical work.

    Get well, like, really soon!

  4. Jess

    aawwww noooo! on the sickness front…woohoo! on the review front!!

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