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My life with cats

Today me and Charlie and Annie all read the Sunday paper. It was an interesting affair. Not much reading happened is all I can tell you. DSC00283 Life with cats is hilarious. Big friendly has had to change his whole life to accommodate them because Charlie insists on sleeping on Big’s office chair and Annie won’t let him play a computer game without interfering with paws on the screen. Big Friendly has dragged a dining room chair into the office to sit at. Annie also climbs into Big Friendly’s terrycloth gown and crawls through the sleeves; when he is wearing it!

Their personalities are so different. Annie wants to eat anything off your plate and has to be shooed away. Charlie comes to eat when you bang the fork on a tin. Both have decided that if they hear me in the kitchen they should sit on the little plastic stool and I might give them something delicious to eat. Annie likes sleeping on my head and playing with my hair. Charlie wakes us up by putting his nose on our faces. Both purr like trains. DSC00252

Annie’s new thing is fleeing over the front wall and making a dash for the neighbour’s house. It makes me and Big friendly hysterical!  Right now Big Friendly has Annie on his desk and Charlie is sleeping on his office chair next to him. Ah, the life!


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  1. Tante B

    Thanks Annie, for at last getting Megan to show a picture of herself – She is prettier and cuter than you! And you’re pretty cute yourself.

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