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Noah – The end is nigh

I am feeling very weird this morning. There are two shows left tonight and then the run of Noah of Cape Town is done. I hope like mad that it will have a future and be seen elsewhere on South African stages, and the world. The truth is; I just don’t know how to make that happen. Generally, (and there are exceptions) us theatre makers are not great marketers and sellers of our product.

It’s weird to think that what has taken up most of my brain (and heart) for at least the past six months (not to mention the eight years leading up to it) will now be put on a kind of back burner while I focus on other things for a bit. Which is good. And scary. Because what if Noah of Cape Town doesn’t happen again? I think that will be a great pity.

So it’s with pride, confusion and a little sadness that I’ll watch the final show tonight and have drinks with the magnificent cast and crew afterwards.


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  1. The Saint

    I said
    “Let’s get this straight – my recurring vision is of standing in the front row with my hands raised in triumph above my head, tears streaming down my face and screaming. It will come to pass.”
    It did.
    “Noah has a future – it will come to pass.”

  2. megan


  3. Morne Visser

    All the best, sister!
    Just keep moving, one step at a time.
    and in the words of Mickey Malan: You can’t be in two places at the same time. When you step and put your foot down; even for the briefest moment, stand there as if you have always stood there.

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