As Sharon would say. Yo, yo, yo, it’s only Wednesday and I swear I can’t even find my arse or my elbow, let alone tell the difference. I am in rehearsal for my favourite yearly industrial theatre roadshow. It’s a proper 45 minute four hander play. Lovely but hectic. Last night we performed TheatreSports for a huge group of mainly 13 year old boys. It was fabulous but required big energy. I am gearing up to start rehearsals for A Circus Side Show. Can you believe it? Very exciting but scary as hell! We have a TheatreSports corporate performance on Sunday night, and Big Friendly and I are flying off to Jozi for the weekend for an almost fandamily wedding! Yowzer. You have no idea. And there’s gorgeous Shez Sharon running at The Kalk Bay Theatre. I love my life.