I am in a rush this morning, about to drive the 50 minutes into G’town to pick up my tickets and head off to see the first of four shows today. I mentioned to my host Simon Cooper that I would be seeing Life Is Too Good To Be True, a Dutch production, and I wondered whether anyone had said anything about it. He said that there was a review of in in The Cue by Theresa Edlmann. So I read it. And I have no idea whether she liked it or hated it, whether it was good or bad, professional or not, funny, tragic, nothing. I have no flippen idea.

I turn the page and a review jumps out at me for Jazz, by Anton Kreuger. It starts, “Given that all I know about Jazz is that Hitler banned it…”. I kid you not.

So, get your actual reviews elsewhere people. It’s not happening in Cue. No Clue. Sies.