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Not the Cricket World Cup

Big Friendly suffers from road rage. I, on the other hand, get Protea rage. I have had to literally calm down after yesterday’s perfect example of what not to do in a quarter-final, before trying to write anything because I have been so woes!

The reason I am beyond myself with anger is because I saw it coming, and yet, still, I hoped, prayed and totally believed that I would be proved wrong and be labelled a fickle supporter. In fact I was desperate to be wrong. And I think, with hindsight, me and a couple of violently vocal disappointniks all felt the same way.

On paper it the New Zealanders weren’t even in the race when compared with the calibre of the Proteas. But the Proteas absolutely did not have what it took, and no amount of shouting, tweeting, cursing, begging and groaning from their desperate supporters could get them into a winning state of mind.

Yesterday’s game was hard because of the loss, but also how they lost. And it reminded me of the loss against England, and even the win against India, which, if we are totally honest, could have gone the other way if Dhoni had chosen a different bowler in the last over.

I can feel myself getting all worked up, again. And this is not good. We deserve better. I swore I wouldn’t watch the rest of the competition, but I can’t help taking a peak to see what the Proteas just tossed away. Sies. Not good enough boys.  And I don’t care what anyone says, they are going to have to earn the dropping of the title ‘chokers’.

At Cracks Only last night (which was really good fun) the joke was, what’s the Proteas favourite drink? Brandy and choke!


I’m gonna be a Crack!


Broken, but not just Glass

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  1. Simon Cooper

    Did anybody watch Sri Lanka chase down 230 odd to beat England ? Hope Graeme and the rest of the squad did because that is how to do it. No fanciful off cuts that bounce off the keeper’s boot – yes really shitty bad luck but he shouldn’t have played the bloody shot in the first place. Has our Hashim got a bit arrogant ? No extravagant drive to a wide ball. No fucking stupid call for a run that was never on. And so on and so on. Just plain sensible cricket and goodbye England which is a result to be desired anyway. There is nothing wrong with SA criket except what happens between the ears. Heard that before ? Yeh Alan Donald said it before the SA vs NZ game. FCUK

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