There is no doubt that performing improv (in my case, in the form of TheatreSports) in front of a live audience is one of the most rewarding things you can do on stage. I think it’s because the possibilities are endless, the experience is unique and totally unrepeatable, and there is that short cut to the feeling of magic because you are present, in yourself, totally truthful and responsive.

Improv has become my religion. I find myself sprouting it as a cure-all for everything. If people want to be good leaders they need to know how to improvise. If companies are dealing with change and fear they need improvisation skills. People suffering from presentation anxiety need to learn to improvise. Actors need improvisation as a fundamental tool of their craft. The skills of improvisation and the mindset it can help create change the way people live and respond to things. It’s altogether a more positive, problem solving, cooperative way of being.

So I am so excited and happy that I am going to be facilitating the new TheatreSports improv workshop over the coming two weekends. A group of wannabe improvisers will be gathering for this intense course. Some will be coming because they want to ‘let loose’ and free themselves from inhibitions. Some will be entertaining the fierce desire to join our existing group of players to perform TheatreSports in front of an audience. Some will not even know exactly why they are there until, in a moment, it falls into place. It’s not too late to sign up. Contact me and I’ll share the details.