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Official hate mail for MTN

That is it. Last straw. I am now going public on every space available to rant about disgusting, useless, pathetic cell phone non-service provider MTN. Even though I’ve linked to their pathetic web site, don’t bother to go there unless you have hours to waste. Even the telephone numbers to land lines are not answered.

Would you believe that I can’t get them to send me my bill? It’s been three months of me calling them, asking where my bill is, confirming my address and email address (which is exactly the same as it has been for years), being put on hold, being cut off, having to call again, being put on hold, having to confirm my address and email address, me screaming, being ‘put through’, which actually means either being cut off outright or getting the main menu again and then….starting all over with a new defensive call centre operator.

Last month I got no bill. Again. Then I got an automated voice threatening the suspension of my service for non-payment. I had to phone and find out how much I owed and demand that they sent me an account. Would you believe I was given the wrong amount? Would you believe that I never received the bill? I paid what I was told and then my account was suspended because I was in arrears for R84. No lies. I had to start screaming all over again. Insert para two here and repeat!

Does anyone know if there really is any way through the minefield of call centre operators? Is it possible to speak to someone else at MTN? Why have they spent all the money they make from me on fake advertising (get this and this and this for free!), sport sponsorship (cricket, soccer, rugby, you name it) and competitions? Why can’t I get a bill? I pay for itemised billing. How hilarious is that? I am literally paying for a service that they are literally not providing.

Omigod, I feel the hysterical waves of MTN rage coming on again. Big Friendly nearly had a heart attack when I started screaming this morning while he was in the shower.

Is there anyone out there who is happy with their cell phone service provider?


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  1. Liz Dewing

    You go girl!! Try the official route – or try adding your woes to the endless list on Hello Peter.

  2. At the risk of sounding like an advert… Vodacom. Not the cheapest or the most glam, but reliable. Provided by Autopage Cellular, who regularly throw new phone upgrades at you with a bunch of other gifts and promotions if you don’t take the most fancy expensive smartphone. I mean, don’t expect rocket scientists or inspirational gurus at their call centres, but they do answer their phones. And their coverage is consistent, even when you’re overseas. Worth it.

  3. megan

    Worth a bash, I tell ya.

  4. Jason

    Im happy with my service provider. I have pre-paid. Therefore I am my own service provider. Awesome. and I dont have to pay for itemised billing.

  5. gerhardc

    I had similar pathetic service from MTN, even wrote a letter to the CEO, but he is so busy counting his millions he make from us stupid subscribers that he does not care about customer service. My advice, buy one MTN share, you then have right to attend AGM and have your say at the AGM. If every dissatisfied customer does that, they migh pay attention. Alternatively, open small claims court case against the CEO claiming the amount of money you need to cancel your contract + your expenses, and insist that the courtcase be between you and the CEO. Maybe if his time is wasted like ours, he might wake up.

  6. Strange how it makes you feel better to find out that someone else also suffered because of this Yellow Monster.
    I am so fed up and now want to do a class action suit against them. I need people that have been ripped off by extortionist international data roaming rates to please join us on Facebook!/pages/MTN-Data-roaming-Extortion/157680164263433

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