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One down

sm Theatresports Hannelore, Andrew, Ryan So, last night’s TheatreSports show has to be called great. We had a newie, Lisa, perform for the first time and she was fantastic. We had a full house, which rocked. We had balloons, and we even got Pongratz for after the show by a Claire Watling, a TheatreSports veteran (who did the second course that I ran in Cape Town in 1994!)

The show itself was a fantastic mix of hilarious; an expert egg poacher, some inexpert Telkom service men and a Double Script game about a mangled cat, completely weird; a massaging lawyer, two twin sister co-principles of a boarding school, and a Jonathan’s Lisp sci-fi where all L’s became B’s. And those are just the things I can remember.

Sorry for you if you missed it, but not really. Because…there are five more shows this week, at The Kalk Bay Theatre. Tickets are cheap. There is no excuse for you not to come. I can’t wait


TheatreSports; 16 years and going strong


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  1. Yay indeed!!! What fun! So amped for the rest of the week. And to further lure those who need bribery to urge them along – on Thursday there shall most certainly be birthday cake 🙂

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