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Open letter to the Organ Donors

It’s that time of the year again with all the Pick ‘n Pay Argus cyclists clogging up the roads, practicing for the big race. And I have had it with them. Honestly, they behave like cars don’t exist! And I absolutely refuse to hear their moaning about how horrible drivers are. It’s all their ridiculous fault. The other day I drove up the hill on Boyes Drive and almost smack bang into a cyclist, huffing and puffing his way up, in the middle of the road. There were cars coming the other way, so I was literally stuck behind him. I hooted and he went berserk. He gave me the finger and then the whole hand as I squeezed past him and I had to force myself to resist the urge to bump him! Really, what’s the deal here? Surely the logic of it is very simple? Cars are bigger, stronger and faster. On a bike you are exposed, slow and weak. Get out of the way! You could get hurt.


Can somebody please explain?


That Feeling


  1. Edward

    I agree. I want to add that I love bicycles when they are used as transport. If some person is using it to get from A to B then horray (e.g. Amsterdam). My irritation kicks in when they’re clearly using it for recreation. I loose all patience when I’m trying to get to work, and someone won’t move over because they’re too busy exercising in front of me. (And wiggling that ass in my face doesn’t help either)

  2. megan

    Check out today’s Sunday Slimes. Both Sis Beatrice and Andrew Donaldson give cyclists a go in the most hilarious and brilliant way.

  3. The Saint

    I for one will be happy if the Argus and parliament are moved to Pretoria.

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