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organ donors

Just come back from walking the refugees on the beach. A beautiful, still, peaceful summer Sunday in Cape Toff spoilt by the organ donors. You know, the idiots on fifteen thousand Rands worth of bicycle who insist on riding two or three abreast in the middle of the road, and even illegally on goddamn highways? So this is the worst time of year for them, after end of year pig outs they’ve all resolved to start training for the damn Argus, and they ALL do it on a Sunday. On the highway. They are ORGAN DONORS!


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  1. Simon Cooper

    I do luuuuvvv the way they demand that motorists respect their right to be on the road and then consistently fail to respect the rights of all other road users. Red = go and stop signs = quick glance and on your way while yield signs aren’t in the dictionary.
    Try driving along the narrow St James / Kalk Bay roads if you want repeated “cyclist rage” moments as they take over the road and disregard everyone else. For the record I vote that the Argus be tranferred to JHB !!!

  2. megan

    just have to tell you about this woman cyclist in PE, training for the Argus, who has been run over twice in 6 months at exactly the same spot. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that SHE could be doing something wrong. Organ donor.

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