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While I was researching getting a kitten I came across Anoux Massey and her organisation P.E.T.S, Pet Empowerment in TownShips. They do the most amazing work rescuing dogs and cats and taking them to foster homes before re-homing them. I have seldom come across a more dedicated and hardworking somebody. Anoux sends out emails to her mailing list every single day with pictures and info of animals in desperate need of loving homes. So, every day I look at the pictures and my heart melts. There are too many to show here but I’ll give you an idea.

clip_image001[7]                              clip_image001[9]

Now these goggos need a home. And these too! They are sisters!

clip_image002 clip_image002[4]

Do you see what I mean? Besides loving homes, P.E.T.S needs money too. So I really want to help them in whatever way I can. My animals are spoiled and pampered and loved within an inch of their little lives and they all have a rescue history. It can be done. I guess you can tell that I’m feeling passionate. If you can help at all, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them.


A beautiful TheatreSports night


Snoek Braai Cape Town Style


  1. I now know what I want for my Birthday (no not a Dwog) I want you to give P.E.T.S
    a donation in my name for the amount you would have spent on my pressie.

  2. megan

    you beautie

  3. BigFriendly

    You’re expecting a pressie?? The fact that we’re going to be there not enough for you?

  4. Jess

    Oh no! They’re too much, the little black ones look like a baby mei mei! Would love more details and until we’re in a place where we can have more dogs I’d like to donate some money too. Possibly maybe though we are thinking of getting another kitten so any info abouth that would also be great! xxx

  5. Janet

    Hi all, I came accross your website randomly.
    Yes Anoux is a wonderful lady who deserves a medal, I came accross her by accident really and have become a foster mommy to 5 lovely little guys, actually three of the black pups featured in your pics are wih me. They really had a bad start in life and they are getting so much love and attention while they await their now forever parents to come and fetch them. Merlin, Mork and Mindy are truly wonderful little guys as are MIssy and Martin, mmm, seems like M was a popular name when I temporarily named them…

  6. anonymous

    but do you know all the bad things Anoux Massey and her perfect little organisation do???

    they spread Parvovirus to healthy uncontaminated areas and animals as they are to cheapskate to spend R90 on a test for parvo and let ppl run up huge bills at the vets trying to save their new puppies!!!

    they then refuse to take any responsibility for their actions! they disgust me! they are out of control, they have no guidelines and rules and regulations in which they operate.

    adopting out unsterilised animals, this to then makes the situation worse as most of the females get pregnant and people land up dumping mom and babies at other shelters.

    PETS needs to go under review by some kind of board or commission and be put in their place

    they are doing more harm than good.

  7. megan

    Thanks for contributing. I always think that more information about everything is vital! It isn’t helpful that you keep yourself anonymous though. We have no idea whether you have a personal beef or a legitimate point.

  8. Kerry

    Anonymous does in fact have a personal vendetta. I know exactly who she is and has sent numerous hate mail messages and threats. Someone who is obviously jealous of the success Anoux and PETS has achieved. Its easy to hide behind a computer screen but if you could rather use that time more constructively then a lot more good could be done. So sad that you can not just grow up and get over yourself…..
    Thanks for the positive input Megan. PETS does in fact do wonderful work!!

  9. donjoa

    Anonymous is also uninformed. A parvo test costs in the region of R400 not R90. It is ridicules and impractical to expect that they test every animal for every conceivable disease. Because you wont give your name or proper details, responsibility is difficult to judge. Who is to say the dog didnt get parvo from your area? Its a virus, u can pick it up any where, even at a vet. As for sterilisation,only animals over 5 months are sterilised. Younger ones are followed up on,a process they could show you and that volunteers spend a lot of time on. The public has full right to investigate and ask questions. But slander,spreading rumours and false accusations are dangerous and hurt the animals most of all. There are so many organisations that pop up – the ones worth their salt will survive. Until then, unless you have a valid point with proof, or have done any of this yourself and can do it better, its best to reserve your opinion.

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