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Please let it be not the actual end

Ok so I had pizza and wine after the show and I couldn’t sleep last night which is probably making me feel even more maudlin, but I really hope A Circus Side Show still has a life. I can’t possibly believe that it won’t happen again. It has to.

In terms of me, maybe I can spend a bit of energy on TheatreSports now, and I’m also going to go and see other shows. There seems to be quite a bit on that I haven’t managed to get to yet.


Ag PANSA, I’m still worked up


Me and my big mouth


  1. The Saint

    Saw it last night and was captivated. The whole cast was strong and the music wonderful. It has life. Lets make it happen.

  2. I’ll say U-Main! to this, Your Sainthoodness. You build it — and we will come!

    Thanks for a fantastic production, Megan, Graham, cast and crew.

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