There’s nothing like a resignation of a vice captain, the disciplinary hearing of his friend and a nasty media frenzy to pull the team spirit together before a fresh season of my favourite sport. Come on conveners! What were you thinking. Aside from the fact that Kallis is being a bit of a baby (and sore about losing a fistful of cash, who can blame him?), there is nothing like ‘being rested’ to knock a player’s confidence. Now why would any idiot want to do that to their best all round player? Give me a clue. I remember the bloody selectors sticking like glue to capitano Smith when all he could hit was the ground. Loyalty, commitment, trust, team spirit, discipline? Oh, what do I know? Maybe a full on argy bargy splashed all over the media will encourage our team. Although I don’t know when that’s ever worked in our favour. You are being dof, okes!