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I have literally just walked through the door after spending a most thoroughly enjoyable day at Newlands cricket ground for Cape Town. I love Newlands. The match was an easy win for the Poepteas, with both captain Smith and opener Gibbs (over 100) putting in a bit of a performance. The best part though was sitting with my friend and shooting the breeze, eating curry, drinking cappuccinos and  being with  12000 other cricket lovers.  I am  tired but good.


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  1. There is something thoroughly magical in the way cricket allows (forces?) one to slow down and take in 8 odd hours (10, if you arrive early, and if the match does the 50/50 and not 20/20 schpil.)

    During the day, the crowd goes through a variety of cycles: ball-by-ball and over-per-over cycles, appeals and decisions cycles, food and drink cycle, ogling and voyeurism cycles,) sprinkled with generous portions of statistical nuggets of value.

    Which reminds me: two things – the small scoreboards in Newlands has been fixed (was it 6 or 7 years since it blew up?) – Well done, now please can we get more relevant information like bowlers’ names and figures!?

    The second beef is with the person who took over (why?!?!?) from Damon Durant as the grounds’ announcer. The new guys is useless: we couldn’t hear a word he was saying, he was totally in love with his own voice (obviously, he could hear himself), and worse – he launched into bouts of spastic commentating fits, the guys knows the game, nog al!) Will someone please give him a Coke Light and make him shut up?!

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