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Obama’s victory has got me thinking about politics, which is really good. I was so shocked when dubya became president of the USA, but I was even more shocked when they kind of chose him again, for a second term. What worried me the most was the idea that Americans felt mirrored by their choice of president and saw him as Joe average. I’ve always held the belief that it was the fleeting sexual idiocy of Clinton that sealed the fate of the Democrats and propelled America and the world into a period of political darkness, paranoia, secrets, conservatism, fundamental religious fascism, and war. And it has been the huge failure of  the dubya era, culminating in the financial crisis that has helped propel Obama into the presidency. I’ll never forget how horrified I was that Clinton’s ridiculous Lewinski dalliance cost a potential peace deal in the Middle East.

That was the US of A. Back home it was another, complicated story, with its own bizarre and unlikely tragic heroes, political victims, opportunists and behind the scenes backstabbing, treachery and corruption. The one very powerful message for me about the breakaway bunch (soon to be known as COP, or Congress of the People! Am I the only one who finds this funny?) is that I became aware that there was a dissident voice in the ANC. I had been feeling terrified that all in the ANC supported Mr I took a Shower; that all in the ANC wanted him as their leader, that all in the ANC were united in a most bizarre cause. Now I know that this is not true. Now I know that, even though I agreed with the criticism levelled at Mbeki, there were many who found his recall hideous, inappropriate and in such bad taste. And I am relieved. I have no idea what this new party’s manifesto is going to be, so I don’t know how I will vote, but I know for sure that there are many, many like me who are excited by the noise of people expressing their opinions, concerns, ideologies, complaints and alliances. Viva democracy, viva.


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  1. The Saint

    I didn’t go to bed on Tuesday night last week – I sat in my old chair and dozed a bit and watched the Americans [at least those on both sides and bit on the top] elect as their president a black man with “Hussein” for a middle name. Who would have thought it possible ? But the thing that struck me the most, taking the whole night into account was Obama’s speech at about 07h00 our time. I thought on it, slept some and woke on Thursday more energised and enthused than I have been for a long time. Why ? Because above all I detected a huge whiff of a statesman in Obama’s first thing as president-elect and boy oh boy what the world needs now is statemanship in large chunks.
    Think about a few of the giants of the past [Churchill, Kennedy etc] – flawed maybe in some respects but did they stand out from the madding crowd ? Oh yes they did. They dominated world affairs without trying and I hope that Obama can do the same thing.
    I hope also that he remains the decent man he now comes across as and hods true to the rights and virtues that we would expect from a statesman.
    Adding to my good feelings are the developments here. I haven’t voted for 2 elections because there was no-one who I felt deserved my vote but let’s not go there.
    The sacking of Mbeki has highlighted just how undemocratic those provisions of the Constitution are. Be in no doubt South Africa has just had a coup where a faction of the ANC has seized power other than thru the ballot box. A situation where a political party can topple a president without reference to the electorate is bad and open to abuse. And has just been abused.
    The initial pronouncements of Shikota on this aspect are promising and maybe just maybe this will lead to getting rid of the old ANC struggle based politics and a revival of some ideals in our government that is sorely needed.

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