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Pre G’town slump

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw a play! I’m going to try and see Elizabeth – almost by chance a woman this week. Anything else I should be doing?


Harsh realities




  1. Craig

    Check out Ran’D Shine at On Broadway

    “Part serious, part silly but overwhelmingly entertaining MYSTERIOUS WAYS is a psychologically engaging performance, based on the belief that magic is witness with the eyes, but actually happens in your head!

    Performer, producer and educator of Magic Ran’D Shine has performed at Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running off Broadway magic show, the world famous Magic Castle and at the 2009 presidential inauguration. Ran’D has transfixed audiences from corporate executives to university students with his charismatic personality and skill of the magical art. In addition to being an accomplished magician, Ran’D has produced several shows such as ‘Collaboration’ and ‘How to write a Magic show in a week’, for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and most notably the ‘Heart & Soul Of Magic’.

    EYE POPPING, JAW DROPPING and FUN are just a few words used to describe the magical experience you will have when you see Ran’D perform.”

  2. megan

    Sheesh Craig, how about in your own words? A whole press release?

  3. Margie

    The buzz this morning around here is Ma Ravan. It is performing at Artscape today and tomorrow. But also going to G-town. Small group of performers from Reunion Islands and Madagascar, they incoporate movement/dance, singing, drumming and acting in an exploration of slavery. Word is that it is deeply moving. And certainly, even the people who did not like it are talking about it today, which is always a good sign me thinks…
    Not sure I will get the chance to see it unfortunately! But if you do, please let me know what you thought. Interesting conversations this morning on the nature of theatre, technique, vocabularies, target audiences etc.

  4. megan

    Will definitely see if I can check it out. Thanks Margie.

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