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Primary Coloured

We went to Brent Meersman‘s book launch yesterday evening. It was a who’s who of Cape Town somebodies and I was touched and flattered to be included on the list. He spoke so well about the book, Primary Coloured, a fictional thriller in and around SA politics, and really piqued my interest. I bought a copy and had it signed. Yay. I haven’t started reading it yet; I am still busy with the strange and fascinating A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers.

It was good to be out and about though and I chatted to all and sundry about who’s doing what in the city.


Home sweet HOME


not that anyone would have noticed

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  1. The Saint

    The Saint was also honoured to be there and listening to brent speak I again was struck by the loss to theatre loving people of sticking this erudite man into a short paragraph per week in the M&G. Use the link to the left and go to the real review.

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