And by that I mean they are solidly whupping the Aussies, not something to be eaten for brekfis, and nothing makes me as smirky. I have been a typical SA supporter; sulky and complaining and full of opinions when we lose, and totally forgiving and forgetful when we win. So, we lost the at home test series (which we won in Australia), we won the 2020 (which we lost in Australia) and now we have completely won the one day series here at home, making The Proteas the best one day side in the world.

Watching cricket is amazing. It is an investment; in one’s time, energy and concentration; a one day game is just that – it lasts for the whole day! each game has ups and downs dips and peaks, moments of craziness and sections of extreme nothing. It is unpredictable and temperamental. It depends on the pitch, the weather, the spin, the bounce, the wind, the grass, the outfield. It depends on the attitude, the confidence, the teamwork of the players. It depends on the toss up, the altitude, the crowd, the speed, the line, the umpires.

I have heard commentators dredge up examples and statistics and anecdotes from games played decades ago. I have heard commentators vloek a player out of a game, just by mentioning how well they are doing. Next thing, bam! Out. I have seen players come back into form and drop out again. I have complained about Graeme Smith as much as I’ve praised him.

And now comes the IPL! Big Friendly and I loved watching the competition last year and now it’s here in SA. I couldn’t believe that the games here at Sahara Park Newlands were sold out in an hour and a half! How cool is that? I don’t have a single ticket. But I’ll be glued to the box. I think I’m rooting for the Mumbai Indians.