Because I’m going official here, I am saying it at the beginning. The City of Cape Town contracted PANSA to be a serivce provider in the search for emerging talent to perform in Cape Town during the FIFA 2010 World Cup. I hope I got that all absolutely right.

Now to my post. I spent the last two days at The Arena at Grand West Casino, checking out the hopeful talent in the final round of auditions. And I was humbled, awed, excited, moved and delighted. Firstly, by the talent. There were some real eye-opening, heart-pumping, jaul-creating acts. Some of the children and traditional and community performances had me in tears. I whooped and cheered lots of the others. And I am excited and confident to know that Cape Town has some amazingly talented people doing really cool things.

But this post is about singing the praises of PANSA. All I am is a member. But I was so proud to be a member of this organisation this weekend. I cannot believe how well they handled this absolutely mammoth task of moving over two hundred acts through that venue and in front of an audience and panel of judges with ease, grace, the minimum of fuss and no major hiccups. I was blown away by the organisation, the technical side, the volunteers, the support, the efficiency, the enthusiasm and the passion of all PANSA reps. I imagine that the City of Cape Town is absolutely delighted. Bravo Brian Heydenrych, Karen Jeynes, Greg Karvellas, all interns and volunteers. And bravo to the judges, one and all who sat there from 9am to 10pm for two whole days, choosing the best that Cape Town has to offer. Ayoba.